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Secantor's people are the back bone of our business and our most important asset. 
We work in partnership with our 50 people on a national basis, throughout England and Wales. The majority of these associates are qualified finance professionals who have had significant experience in commerce and industry, usually with quite sizeable companies. We believe that to help our target market of companies with a turnover of between £2m to £50m, it is important to understand how larger companies operate, so that they are able to implement the necessary systems, controls, and procedures, to facilitate our clients' growth. These finance professionals are in turn supported by financial controllers, and bookkeepers, enabling our clients to benefit from an "Effective Finance Function" at all levels, be that as an insourcing, or outsourcing solution.
Our high level finance professionals (Finance Directors) are adept not only at finance, but provide both strategic and commercial input, to support the management teams of our client companies. "We don't just advise, we make things happen", and we are happy to take executive responsibility for certain aspects of the business, and are not averse to taking registered director appointments, in appropriate situations.
As well as being supported by financial controllers and bookkeepers, our finance professionals are also supported by HR and Health and Safety consultants who they can call on to meet client needs. We also have people who are experienced in corporate finance work, both from the standpoint of helping clients to sell their business (the grooming and transaction process) or make acquisitions, as well as fund raising, in either debt or equity. The professional services firm ethos that underpins Secantor means that we are happy to share knowledge around our people, for the benefit of our clients.
Regional Structure & Partnering
Secantor's business as a solutions provider to Small and Medium sized Enterprises is effected through a structure of 7 regions in England and Wales and there follows names and contact details for our Regional Directors responsible for their respective regions. In essence, the Regional Directors role is threefold, as follows:
  • Firstly, the role is to win business, which is usually done at a local level.
  • Secondly, to perform client care, which ensures that client's agenda is regularly re-visited to ensure that progress is on track. Our Regional Directors also have access to our wider network for the benefit of clients.
  • Thirdly, to lead the regional teams of associates, recognising that location is often an important factor and that it is important to network amongst the local financial community.
Our relationship with our people, clients, and intermediaries can be described as one of partnering. We rarely, if ever, have long term contracts. However, our relationships with all the foregoing parties endures. This does not happen by chance, but through the efforts of our management team and the quality of the people that are involved with Secantor.
We also partner with a wider network of contacts and firms that enable us to be a wide ranging solutions provider to our client base. These include equity and debt providers to allow the optimal finance structure for our clients.

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Terms and Conditions:
  • To qualify for a free financial health check companies must be private limited companies registered in England and Wales, with a turnover of between £1m and £50m.
  • They must be independent companies, without holding companies.
  • The instruction for us to carry out the free financial health check must come from the directors of the company.
  • Companies applying must have their offices/place of business resident in either England or Wales.
  • Management and Financial personnel to be available to Secantor for up to half a day.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to do any requested free financial health check.