Business Minister Ian Lucas MP said “Manufacturing is one of the central pillars of the British economy. We are the world’s sixth largest manufacturer and the future strength of our economy will be built on high value added goods and services which are already produced by businesses across the country”.

Many SME’s in the sector have been at the heart of change through the recessionary period with uncertainties of making changes and a fear to embark and develop new opportunities. Many have reacted by making cuts, which have been led by need, rather than by strategy and have been based on inadequate information. Cash has become “king”.

Timing remains critical with the sectors sitting under the manufacturing umbrella - some seeing growth while others decline, which combined with a change in government, world recession and destabilisation of the banking sector, have led to a lack of direction that has undermined the whole supporting infrastructure to the sector.

Someone recently suggested that up to the recession we had order takers which we called salesman and now we have to sell and give the customer all the good reasons to place the order. Every company in manufacturing has to develop a strategy to support the generation of modern manufacturing that will be innovative, enterprising, highly skilled and well led.

Secantor aims to offer continued professional support to the sector both in the development of strategy with people who understand your industry, but also in developing plans, ideas, and the necessary management information to ensure you make the right decisions at the right time. We will also prepare and support your business with those wishing to grasp the opportunity.

Despite the difficult economic times we have been living through we in Secantor wish to ensure manufacturers have the support to cope with present conditions, while at the same time be in a great position to take every opportunity to grow and compete as the economy recovers.

Client Case Study: Revitalisation of a Chocolate Manufacturing, Wholesaling and Retailing Business

The client is a husband and wife team, former solicitors, who took time out to tour South America. This gave them the inspiration to return to the UK to start a new business. Nine years later they now make chocolate organically and trade fairly through hundreds of shops via wholesalers, multiple retailers eg. Waitrose, their own five stores in SE England and online retailing. A complex business for two Directors to micro-manage.

Quote: “Secantor has made a world of difference to our business - we are now in control. It's been a transformation of the higher level work within the business. It's a very cost effective way for us to have high level management and strategic help”

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