High level FD support right through to a total back-office solution for law firms
Secantor can provide support to help free up fee-earners so they can focus on developing the firm and help grow revenue. This could range from FD support to a team of specialist professionals to look after your back-office functions - often for less than the cost of employing a generalist manager. You can have as much help as you want, as frequently as you need it. Every key area can be covered so that you can focus on your expertise as a lawyer.

Our support includes:
  • A top-level Finance Director to help drive profitability and control cashflow.
  • Specialist support to ensure compliance with the code of conduct and proactive risk management.
  • An HR specialist to guide you on employment issues.
  • A marketing expert to help you build your business and reputation.
  • A health and safety expert to ensure that you meet all requirements.
  • An IT specialist to help you get the best from your systems.

The benefits of File Reviews

File reviews are generally seen by law firms as something they must implement to ensure they comply but the benefits are so often overlooked.

Secantor can handle all your file reviews

Secantor can produce your file reviews and add a lot of value regardless of how large your firm is or the number of offices you have. Our service adds additional value to law firms with numerous offices as the law firm will have the comfort of knowing that all file reviews are conducted in the same manner, correctly and fairly with all short term and long term corrective action identified regardless of whose file it is.

File reviews can be completed once a quarter with 2 files from every fee earner (across each work type) selected as well as the two oldest active files per department. The process is then completed over 1 day or more if it is a larger firm and/or multiple offices. Short term and long term corrective action is identified and the files handed back to the partners / fee earners and any corrective action required is completed, updated on the checklists and copies of the checklists filed as required.

File Reviews are a valuable part of a law firm’s compliance toolkit – but you need to ensure they are implemented and completed correctly and effectively.

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Terms and Conditions:
  • To qualify for a free financial health check companies must be private limited companies registered in England and Wales, with a turnover of between £1m and £50m.
  • They must be independent companies, without holding companies.
  • The instruction for us to carry out the free financial health check must come from the directors of the company.
  • Companies applying must have their offices/place of business resident in either England or Wales.
  • Management and Financial personnel to be available to Secantor for up to half a day.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to do any requested free financial health check.