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Proven expertise for your business - when you need it.

Our aim is to make your business run smoothly, grow quickly and build value. We do this by providing hands on support to you from people who have proven business expertise that can make a big difference. We are not consultants or advisors, we join you and your team, work in your business, when you need us - yet you don't have the complications or cost of employing us.

Secantor provides sound and impartial financial advice and a wide range of business support services through a carefully selected part time finance director.

In business it is hard to succeed and even more difficult to ensure that the growth of your business is maintained on a continual basis. With Secantor on your side (working with your team) we will ensure that you have the best chances possible to achieve all you want from your business and more.

Each of our business support experts has been a commercially driven finance director and is a past-master at building profitability, protecting cash-flow and raising funds when and where necessary. Secantor business support experts only work with you on the really important stuff which ensures that their time is cost effective. You get a dedicated individual that is there to help you with your business and you can feel assured that they will help you make your business a success.

Helping you plan ahead

Looking to the future and trying to influence it for the better is a basic human instinct, not least in business. Business planning can be performed on many levels, but at its heart is a desire to set objectives, chart a course towards those objectives and frequently review progress along the way. Secantor can support the business planning process at a number of levels:


What are the long term goals of the owners of the business. Exit? Lifestyle? Legacy? The answer to this frames more detailed operational planning.


What are the detailed goals for the coming year? Sales, costs, profits, cashflow? Specified month by month, this is the budget.


What are the milestones for the coming 3 months? What actions are needed week by week to achieve these?

Secantor can implement the framework to support these planning processes and also design and implement the management information required to monitor performance and inform decisions.

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Terms and Conditions:
  • To qualify for a free financial health check companies must be private limited companies registered in England and Wales, with a turnover of between £1m and £50m.
  • They must be independent companies, without holding companies.
  • The instruction for us to carry out the free financial health check must come from the directors of the company.
  • Companies applying must have their offices/place of business resident in either England or Wales.
  • Management and Financial personnel to be available to Secantor for up to half a day.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to do any requested free financial health check.