Family Businesses
Family businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, accounting for around 70% of private enterprises and employing something like 40-50% of the private sector workforce. Many people are surprised by these figures but despite the key role that Family Businesses play in the UK economy, very little specific attention is paid to this vital part of the business community.

Secantor have been working with family businesses for many years and have a wealth of experience of providing support to help them develop and prosper.

Family businesses are special and like all businesses, have their own particular characteristics and culture which need to be fully understood and appreciated. Family businesses generally have the unique challenge of balancing business and family needs. This core characteristic will often affect and influence many of the key elements and aspects of running the business and of course, one of the biggest questions family businesses face – succession planning.

Careful involvement of non family members and external expertise can bring valuable experience to help the family business grow and develop, without losing ownership/control and the core strengths of the family culture. Drawing on the experience we have gained over many years, Secantor can help your family business prosper so the owners can achieve their goals and objectives.

The International Centre for Families in Business

Secantor has considerable experience in helping family businesses to grow profitably and handle issues such as succession planning. In this important field we have a close association with the International Centre for Families in Business.

This organisation is committed to ensuring the most up-to-date and relevant professional support and advice is available to family businesses and their professional advisers. The ICFB’s major purpose is to offer family businesses a safe place for learning and education and a place where the family and other key personnel can gain access to information, attend workshops, seek advice, and above all, meet and share information and best practice with other families in business.

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